The Yorton Cup
The Yorton Cup is the season finale for the IFPA and its World Championships. The 2013 results are in and four brand new champions have been crowned. See the full results...




    Cleveland Thomas Chrissy Zmijewski Patricia Beckman

    The International Federation of Physique Competitors (IFPA) is among the largest, most competitive natural pro physique competition federations in existence. The organization expanded quickly after its inception in 2005, and by 2007 there was a need to establish an uppermost championship title for the federation - a place where the best of the best could meet to determine who is the top champion of the federation each year. That championship was established as the Yorton Cup. The event is the climactic finish of IFPA pro competition each year.

    The title of the event draws from the origins of Natural Bodybuilding. The symbol of the title is the over two-foot-tall metal trophy cup that sits upon a solid wooden octagonal base where names of champions from each year are enshrined.

    Today the Yorton Cup is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious competitions in the sport. The title is highly sought-after by many of the top natural pros each year. Over $30,000 in cash prizes is awarded at the show. Competitors must qualify to compete in the Yorton Cup event by placing in the top half of a class at an IFPA pro show earlier in the year.
    See each year's champions...

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