• IFPA Pro Kristen Campbell

    What made you get started in physique contest?
    I was actually training for a marathon and my treadmill at home broke. I had to get a membership at a local gym just to use the treadmill. While running one night a trainer approached me and asked if I competed. He told me about a thing called figure. I went home that night and goggled it. A week later I went to a show and had goose bumps the entire time! I wanted to be on that stage! Six months of heavy lifting and prepping I entered my first armature show and took 1st place! I was hooked! All my life I was told I was big. As a female I took this as being fat. I ran marathons but had the world’s thickest legs for a runner! My body was build for the sport of figure. I now take “big” as a complement!

    Who are your role models?
    My mom is my number one role model. She is the hardest working woman I know. She is also my number one fan. No matter how crazy I get during contest prep she keeps me grounded. In the fitness world my role model is Erin Stern for her love of running and keeping running in her workouts all year long. I also look up to Nicole Wilkins. Nicole is the perfect package of strength and beauty. She makes having muscle and being strong beautiful and classy.

    What are your short/long term goals in this sport?
    My short-term goal right now is to enjoy the off-season. I want to build my delts and lats. I also am enjoying a lot of cardio during my off-season. I never take it out of my routine. My long-term goals are to compete next year and qualify for the Yorton. At the Yorton my goal is to place in the top 3.

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